Thursday, June 03, 2010

My goodness!

I must be the slowest Raveller there is - I have just discovered the fantastic 'share' feature!


So if you click here or here you will hopefully be zoomed off through cyber-space to see my current projects as per their Ravely pages! How RAD is THAT?!

Those links I've done with an accesss link only - so I wonder, can you actually access them from the link I've used here? This one I've done with totally open privacy, so you it's even easier I hope!


2paw said...

I have no idea really how to work the sharing, but I can click through and see your projects: Lovely blanket!!

bon008 said...

Hey, that's awesome! I can see Ravelry stuff without having an account - woohoo!!!

All the links worked for me :) Hehe, ferret feet.

Ann said...

It's a great feature & I will have to learn how to do this.