Sunday, June 20, 2010


Very soon our little man who lives away will be coming to visit us, and he will be big bad DOUBLE DIGITS - ten!


Since he's turning ten while he's at his mum's, but will be with us shortly after, we've decided to throw him a belated birthday bash. We have never had him with us for a birthday or Christmas and decided even if it were belated, we will have a party, I say!!

Since he lives with his mum and only visits us in holidays he doesn't have any friends his own age here, but we will have all the family and extended step-family in attendance to make the day.

We're brainstorming at the moment - cakes, parks or beach, games etc... What do you remember as being awesome from your tenth birthday? Or any birthday for that matter!

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bon008 said...

I can't remember specifically if I had a tenth birthday party, but the best thing I remember from all birthday parties would be the homemade pinyatas.

I seem to recall that the quality varied from year to year - some years it was definitely just a series of little envelopes inside bigger envelopes inside bigger envelopes, each with some lollies inside.

There's just so much fun to be had while swinging a dangerous baseball bat while blindfolded!!