Thursday, September 23, 2010

D90 excitement!

( Isn't it odd - I apologised for the absence and then disappeared again - then it felt awkward to jump back in again so I procrastinated until I finally realised how absurd that was and here we are..!! )

While away on our last R&R - our trip back to our MAGNIFICENT block in Tassie - I picked up a liddle somethin'-somethin' that I am exceedingly excited about...

100825 - TASSIE (30)

.. my very own fancy pants Digital SLR camera!! Wooooot! :D

I am miles away from knowing what on earth I'm doing with it - so thank goodness for 'auto', hey? I bought a kit lens with the D90, it's the 18mm - 105mm and I'm finding it very nice indeed. I love the idea of a very super ridiculously long lens for wildlife shooting (that way I can go "hunting" wildlife on our block too, but a different type of shooting than Sir Shweetie!) and I am desperate to get a delicious macro lens. But the reality is that the DSLR world is a fancy pants from france world with expensive accessories!

For now I'm thrilled to bits with the D90 (yet to be officially named) and I'm sure it will keep me very busy learning how all the bells and whistles work!

p.s. those woolly looking sleeves in the photo are my malabrigo Toasts! Absolutely perfect for the cool Tassie climes :)


2paw said...

Oh what a fab new camera and it takes excellent photos too. I love the photo in the mirror. The last few days you would have needed your t-shirt and shorts. It was 19*. That's warm. Today it was cloudy and winy and it almost rained.

Ann said...

You lucky girl - a new camera & a block in Tasmania. I wish I could go to Tasmania again.

bon008 said...

Ooh, how awesome!! I'm sure you'll have the hang of it in no time!

Getting (and learning to use!) a DSLR is one of the things on my very short bucket list, but I don't think I'll get to it for a while.