Saturday, October 30, 2010

Knitting for Tassie

On our last trip to Tassie I knit the very first stitches of my current project - Audrey in Unst.

The project had to languish a little while while I gift-crafted and was otherwise engaged, but the last little while I have been back on track and making some good progress.

Driving and Knitting

This cardi feels like all things Tassie to me - the lush wonderful green hues of the Dream in Colour Smooshy (Happy Forest) are all the amazing variety of greens on our block - the tree ferns, the eucalypts, the moss and all the myriad of other greenery and life.

Permaculture in Tassie

The pattern itself speaks to me of our block in Tasmania - the twisted stitch rib like tall strong lithe stems, the stockinette is the smooth moss on the clearing and the unst lace makes me think of little poke holes to plant seeds in to, the cultivation and planting.

Permaculture in Tassie (1)

It's down to a few sleeps until we are up up and away - and I am still knitting away, hoping to be able to wear my cardigan while we are there. The cardigan is knit bottom up, and at this stage I am finished to the underarms, completed the right front and now on to the left front. Knitting of the sleeves, back and left front remains, and also the button band. Here we gooooo!


2paw said...

Oh, Audrey is so lovely!! We are green, clean and green,, well muddy, mossy and boggy in your case!!

Ann said...

It's lookinh good. You have made the right choice of the yarn & pattern & I am sure the cardigan will keep you very warm.

bon008 said...

What lovely colours, and it looks like a really nice pattern :)

I like the idea of having/making things with a really strong connection to a sense of place or time.