Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mum's Mr purplejeans

My wonderful Mama is knitting away on a lovely cardigan at the moment. It is her first knitted cardigan or significant article of clothing after a long hiatus as she has only recently re-taken up knitting. After knitting a pair of Ysolda's garter stitch mitts to refamiliarise with knitting it was on to a bigger project, and Mum, you are going FABULOUSLY!!

It is indescribably fantastic spending time with Mum knitting together, and sharing this craft - talks of yarn, projects, what-should-I-do-here, colours and all the other things we knitters discuss. What an extra added gem to my incredible treasure-chest relationship with my lovely Mum to now share knitting too!!


Mum is knitting up a Mr Greenjeans, but we call it Mr Purplejeans as Mum is knitting with Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in this fabulous rustic purple tweed (the photos do not do the purple tones any justice!)

Mums Fabulousness!

It has been such a ball already on the cardigan adventure together. Selecting a pattern, working through the pattern (see wee schematic above) and then the yarn shop crawl! Finding the right yarn is of course vital to a delicious knitted item ;D Mum and I left the store with this wonderful booty bag of purple tweedy balls for Mum's cardigan adventure!

Mums Fabulousness! (1)

Sending so many knitterly wishes and warm fuzzies for smooth, relaxing, interesting and educational knitting, Mum - I adore sharing this extra crafty delight together :)


Mum said...

Thank you, Sash :-) for all your knitterly guidance and encouragement, not to mention your very good company. I'm looking forward to spending this evening with two of my favourite gentlemen - Mr Purplejeans and Monsieur Poirot! xxoo

Ann said...

Great choice of yarn & pattern. Happy knitting to your mum.