Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snap Snippets

A few images captured of our block;

Mushrooms on the Track
Weeny weeny wee red mushrooms on one of our tracks - so small I had to grovel around in the dirt and wet moss to take the shot. Just one of the myriad of magical elements; I'm sure we share the land with the wee folk.

Boulders on Wombat Hill - In some places it looks like a paint tin explosion; lichen and moss in such a variety of colours, white, vibrant orange, grey, green and so on.

A beautful spot - it feels very special, sacred, almost as if one should talk in whispers out of respect for the age old banksias and history of the land embedded in the rocks.


We have now returned from our luscious two weeks off, and we are thinking. We are feeling and thinking - and trying to strike the balance between the two. Looking back through old photos on various hard drives I commented a number of times on how different we looked - all spritely and perky and YOUNG. I don't know quite what it has been up here, probably a combination of many factors, mainly the stress, sun and extreme heat - comparing us from those time-gone-by snap shots we appear much more greatly aged than the time that has actually passed.

I've developed an injury/discomfort that is worsened by the heat (requiring vascular surgery). This all sounds extreme, but I don't mean for it to be dramatic - it's just another of the considerations of this lifestyle.

We are feeling so stressed and pressured already after not even having returned to work for a week. No time to get the things done we need to do, and then no time to relax and unwind either - so it winds up and up until we snap at each other and become very out of character.

So.. we are considering our options. We have an opportunity in this industry to pay off our mortgage and live debt free in a remarkable length of time - what a life of bilss and freedom that would be without debt hanging over us! But I am now starting to weigh the cost and value of these things. How much is that future freedom worth? What type and size of sacrifice are we willing to make at the moment, after 3+ years like this? Although the sacrifice feels like it is only for the times we are AT work, I am realising now that the impact is much longer lasting- health wise, regarding family and connections, and also in terms of how our characters and personalities are being shaped.

No drastic moves yet, but something definitely needs to be worked out.

101104 - Night Fire
A small bonfire we had going - the sparks and embers flew in the hot updraft like frisky fire sprites, it was enchanting and mesmerizing to watch


Ann said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Sometimes we do have to step back & re-evaluate our lives. Hope you will achieve a balance.

bon008 said...

Gosh, those photos are just beautiful.

Good luck with your thinking and prioritising, it seems like such a difficult decision. Perhaps if you do decide to stay in the industry for a while, there are things you could incorporate into your lifestyles to lessen some of the negative effects?

Meditation, tai chi, more trips to the shooting range? :D

Hope you're both well soon!