Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Have Yourself a Mini Mitten Christmas

Whiskers on kittens and... mini festive mittens, yes there's just something about them, isn't there?

Mini mittens (3)

So teensy! So cute!

Mini mittens

I only knit the one item for Christmas gifting this year; this wee pair of mittens.
They are so adorable though, I may have to knit an entire battalion of them for next festive season. Battalion? Flock? Drift? What would be the collective noun for mittens I wonder..?

Mini mittens (2)

Hoping you all enjoyed a hearty, healthy, happy and contented festive time with your loved ones.


2paw said...

A smitten of mittens!! They are so very cute. Now is the time when I think the same thing- I must knit a tiny Santa a week. And then I never do!!

bon008 said...

Haha, a smitten of mittens!! I have to go with 2paw on this one :D

How gorgeous your little mittens are :)