Saturday, December 04, 2010

Tree Nut

I have always been a tree nut; a tree climbing, tree hugging tree nut!

Although a lot of our block is tea tree bush and other woodsy wilderness there are still some corkers amongst our acres - big delicious river red gums, amazing gnarled banksias and some of the most amazing formations I have ever seen.

101113 - Wilderness walk (10)

101113 - Wilderness walk (22)
Two views of the same incredible tree mass by a hook in the river. You can see some of the flotsam in the branches from very high waters.
101113 - Wilderness walk (23)
Are they worshipping the tree in the centre? Is it nature's jungle-gym?


Anna Tronson said...

could be a great sketch for design

Anna Tronson said...
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