Monday, September 11, 2006


That's the sound of a magical entrancing faery's wand sending a trinkling and sparkling frosting of fine precious magical knitting dust glittering down from the air!
IT really is! Imagine it in slow motion...


Like in those old storybooks that had a tape you played along with them, and when it was time to turn the page a sound just like that would let you know!

In anycase, whether you believe me or not about the trinkling wand dust part, the sound effect is to celebrate my recovery from the quagmire of indecision! Hurrah!! See, I realised from my new found delight in a fellow blogger's domain name/podcast title/blog title [The fabulous Pixie, of PixiePurls!] that I was leaving out from my blog title a large element of who I am - the faery part. I have always been delighted by faeries and the whole concept of a whimsical world of magical, lovely, playful and trickstery faes living in a realm most humans couldn't even comprehend, let alone experience! My amazing and enchanting Mum (xoxo) helped introduce me to the world of faeries when I was very little, by writing letters from them to me and hiding them in a crack of an old limestone wall in the backyard of my childhoos home. I have such precious memories of those letters, and the miniature parcel I received from the faeries for Christmas - a tiny washing basket and miniature silver cutlery for my dolls' house. I was convinced not only that it was a gift from the little people, but also that it was not toy cutlery, but real cutlery the faeries had given me from their very own supply!

My life continued to involve faeries with my first employment - working as a faery! I created involved and fantastical costumes, stories and games to delight children at birthday parties, in hospital wards and fetes - it really was a super fun job, even though the many people in my life would become exasperated by the ever present faery dust turning up on their clothing, furniture, in their cars, even in their food! [I didn't mind ;) ]

I feel that even though I no longer work as a faery, or receive their letters in my garden, I hold within myself a rather special faeriality - the childlike wonder, joy and easily amused nature. Finding fun and beauty in little things, keeping a positive outlook, and being more than a little quirky in some ways - all faery-ish qualities I love to be around, and find in myself too.

*little sigh*

So! I will be including more of my faeriness in my blog now too! After much deliberation I decided not to change the actual name of the blog, but to add more faery stuff in too :) And I have a FABULOUS idea for a knitting project!! A faery-ish knitting project! *mysterious look* Although it's a project that will porbably take a loong time at the moment, given how long it's taking me to finish the lovely's scarf!


His scarf!!

I haven't even written about my WIP fully yet!! Gah! All this TALKING about knitting and I haven't even blogged about it or let alone actually done much knitting ITSELF lately! GAH! I must finish it while it's still wintery enough for him to enjoy it!!

Okay, so with that I must now go! I must go and give my sweetie a back massage (oooer romannntic!) and knit knit knit some more!!

p.s And one day soon I'll figure out how to actually link to people I talk about... (sorry pixie!)

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Pixiepurls said...

hey no worries, you will figure it out eventually! Glad I made an impression :) hehe! I am a big scifi/fantasy fan :)