Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Birds of a feather..

I've been meaning to post about this for a little while - my up'n'coming debut at my first stitch'n'bitch! But time has passed to the point that now it isn't up'n'coming anymore, now I can tell you how it went!


I did feel a little nervous beforehand, not knowing quite what to expect, but thoroughly enjoyed myself for the entire evening! I was thinking this earlier as I emailed Pixie (PIXIE! She commented, the first one Wheeee! hehe) Something about sitting in a room with other knitters
and being able to chat about various aspects of the craft and what in particular you feel passionate about or not, is microscopicallly different to talking to non-knitters, but makes a noticeable difference. Non-knitters will be just as interested in your excitement and love the amount of joy you get from the craft, but they don't truly have that depth of understanding, they don't fully -get- the obsessive adoration of texture and colour, and the innate need to squirrel away skein after skein into a lovely, fondle-able stash. I think it comes down to one word, validation.

So the S'n'B was a group of about ten people, all women, in ages varying from about 18 to 60 - heaps of fun! They even had chocolate biscuits and nice warm drinks there! I'd brought along a slab of chocky as a peace offering, so added that to the treats table to the enjoyment of the others (hopefully no sticky chocky fingerprints on the kintting!). Magazines and the latest books were piled in the centre of the tables, with chairs all around, and stashes of yarn for sale
/fondling to the side brought along by the super friendly Helen of Knitting Inspirations for people to look through and buy (at truly bargainly prices!) if they wished.

It really was a stellar evening and I can't wait for the next one! I was given a list (and a newsletter, and some handouts, and some cute little product brochures...!!) of all the other S'n'Bs in Perth, so I think I might have to toddle along to some of the others too having had so much fun at this one!

The beauty of this group too, is that it's held in a library. So along with the magazines and books on the tables
, the newest additions to the knitting section of the library were there, so I was even able to take one home with me! Hurrah!! hehe so SO much fun :) I'd always wanted to go to a S'n'B and have been searching for a long time to find one in my area, and I can tell you I wasn't disappointed :)

p.s. Did you see!? Did you see?!?! I managed to make the link up there to Helen's site!! And how embarrassment.. it's SO EASY!!! I can't believe I didn't do it before! hehe nevermind!

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bink said...

Ahh, I see I have missed my chance to be the first comment - but I have been busy searching far and wide for a text which is worthy of your venerable blog - and finally I have found it!

Well, found it and mutilated it a bit to suit my purpose!

What should I do with your bright, sparkly, spirited Sketches, full of Variety and Glow?--How could I weave them into the little bit (just barely visible) of Knitting on which I work with such slow progress, as produces little effect after much labour?

OK, so in the butchering of the quote I have largely thrown out its original meaning, but it's the best I can do in this exhausted state :)

It was a quote from a letter Jane Austen wrote to her nephew, and she was actaully talking about painting ivory, rather than knitting - couldn't fine a Jane on knitting quote :(


Lovely, sparkly blog :)

xox --bink

(P.S. Chilli hair is still turning up in my lunch every now and then :))