Saturday, September 30, 2006

Flaunt it!

It's a long weekend in Australia this weekend, so I'm feeling rather relaxed!
*stretches languidly in chair, takes sip of yummy fruity tea*
Skoota and I were going to go away but ended up staying at home, which feels right, and is a good opportunity to get some things done we've been eyeing off for ages. One of the things ma sweetie's particularly excited about is making up his giant workbench for home. We've also deigned this weekend a 'Sash'n'Skoot' weekend, something we've been doing since we first met - putting aside a day or so to really spend it together doing lovely things, without seeing other people or letting hassles into our day.

So we're both here at the workshop - me tickertackering away on the computer, reading and knitting, while he's doing other sorts of louder, more sparky productive things!! When he's finished welding the frame together I'm going to paint it for him - it's nice being able to contribute to the cause!

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to post about the shirt I made last weekend! I can't find where I've put it now - pooh pooh! But I love it, it's turned out super cute, and perfect for summer as it's a little singlet... see!
This was taken in the evening, hence my nice snuggly cardi over the top! I was cruising around looking at knitting merchandise, saw this saying and loved it! I plan to make a shirt extolling Cast-On's virtues too, I've got a black shirt ready and finally picked up some new white paint. Gah! It's terrible! I've got about twelve pots of coloured permaset paint, the ONE pot I couldn't find was white! *shakes head* nevermind, I got a new big pot on Wednesday so nothing can stop me now!! *mad cackle* ..Well.. I'm sure something could if it tried hard enough... but I'm keen.. oh yes!

I've made shirts for myself for a few years, it's nice being able to have the flexibility and customisation - putting whatever you want on whatever kind of shirt! So of course I had to start making knitting shirts to FLAUNT THE KNIT! If I'm gonna knit in public, I'm certainly going to plug the craft on couture too whenever possible! I'm planning on making a couple of Rainbow Brite shirts, but with iron on transfers rather than painting the images on. *sigh* how I love Rainbow Brite and her bubbly world of joy!


Pixiepurls said...

haha yarn junkie, cute!

Lara said...

Sash, I just had a thought! (Ooh, am I even allowed to use this to chat with you? As I'm not a blogger and I actually see you everyday, but hey! That just means lucky me!)

So my thought: would you be able to make me a T-shirt?! Could I put in an order?! I was well impressed with the one you were wearing tonight, and reading about the others you've made, I'd adore to get one done for my man! I'd pay you, of course, and buy the T-shirt / paint / whatever. I think it might say "IN THE NEST" on the front, and then "ARE WE NOT?" on the back, a little personal quote that we share. *Chuckle chuckle* :) He would be so stokedly surprised!