Monday, October 02, 2006

A new skill to feather the quill!

Oooooohhhh!! I'm so thrilled to bits!
I completed my first cabled swatch last night! Whee!!
I do a lot of reading about knitting, listening to podcasts on knitting, parusing of magazines about knitting.. so I felt confident about the theory of making cables, but had never tried it in practice. Last night I showed ma shweetie the picture of the Fetching gloves/mitts I plan to make and he was stunned, and said "you can do THAT?!" so I said, well I think I could! So whipped out some yarn and had a go! Hoooray! :) Sweetie's super impressed, says he finds cabling perplexing - how do you make the knitting GO like that?! I'm absolutely stoked! I'm so glad I put my mind and theory into practice, it's awesome to know you actually CAN do something, not just think you can! Can't wait to get cracking on the lovely mitts! And anything else with cables for that matter! How brilliant to have another knitting technique to add to my skill quill!! (imagine a quill of arrows with different lovely coloured feathery ends!)

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bink said...

Add me to the list of super-impressed peeps :)