Friday, September 15, 2006

Frog and Toad!

We're hittin' the road!

I'm SO excited! I've been looking forward to this for ages, driving all my mates at work nutty with cries of "only half a day to gooo!!" etc.. And now the day is here and we're officially on holidays (short though they be) and we're just about to head down south!

Hurraaayyyy!!! :)

Dad, skoot and I are going to Dunsborough together, it's going to be a relaxing, delicious holiday, chilling out, reading, knitting to my hearts content! We can go to the caves, have dinner somewhere nice, breathe in all that lovely country air - I'm enjoying myself already!!

I've even sussed out a little yarn store to check out on the way through... *grin* Very very excited!

I'm halfway through a rather long post about my WIP, skoot's scarf, but have saved it as a draft, don't have time to do polish it off just yet, so that'll be up sometime Monday probably. We'll be coming home on Sunday, but I've taken Monday off work too to fully absorb the relaxation and delight of having a holiday! Hurrah!!



bink said...

Aha - you can ignore my sms/email then :)

Helen said...

Your blog is great reading and a belated welcome to the online knitting community. You lucky girl and I hope you get to enjoy as many Dunsborough delights as you can in your time there.

Thanks for your great review after your attendance at the Willetton S&B. I am really pleased to hear that you enjoyed yourself so much. It is just such a buzz connecting with such enthusiastic knitters like yourself who have a full appreciation of this wonderful craft. Looking forward to knitting with you on 23/9 at our City Nits S&B at Borders. Happy knitting and blogging!