Sunday, September 10, 2006

I have a confession to make...


I've been spending a little while now since that first exultant discovery and set-up of Knit-NuttBlog trying to compose my first entry. I did a bit of writing in a notebook, finding it too hard to write when sitting at the computer in the main living area - with my partner's music/gaming/TV as distractions. I just couldn't figure out the best way to get the (lovely fluffy yarn) ball rolling. Then I happened upon a little realisation - this is NOT the way this is going to happen. This blog is
not an involved scientific formula or great novel that needs constant and vigilant attention to detail. It's a blog! From the heart, whatever's on the noggin at the time. So without anymore concern of performance anxiety I decided the time was nigh for some bullet biting!


A few introductory words to start then, as a proper "how-do you-do":

My name is Sasha, though my partner has lately affectionately labelled me "knit nutt" due to my sudden development of a feverish and complete obsession with knitting! And hence the name of the blog :) The double t is an ececntricity I've had since my younger days, some words just look better with different letters added. I'm an excitable 'grown up' who refuses to fully accept the mantle of adult responsibility. I will not relinquish my right to frolic and prance like a faerie, and take joyous delight in simple and beautiful things. A look of child-like wonder is often upon my face, and I ADORE anything colourful and whimsical!

Significant others: My partner/ boyfriend/ man-I-love-&-live-with-but-not-married-what-is-his-pronoun?! I settle for 'partner' as boyfriend seems too trivial, in anycase, herein referred to as skoot, scrumptious bum etc.. My lovely family Mum, Dad & brother. And of course, to save the fluffiest til last.. The gorgeous and headstrong ruffian pup Chilli - our family dog who now lives with Dad, but visits and stays with us sometimes. HOW I LOVE HER!!

seee? See the irrefutable gorgeousness??

What's on my needles!! Well.. my first project actually *little shy but proud blush* It's a red& black checkered scarf for my honey, in simple simple garter stitch - a nice easy one to get me into the swing of things! I shall give more details of it later, and hopefully install one of those funky little WIP-Meters in the column of the blog here so we can all see how far along I am with it! So that's my current WIP (Work-In-Progress for those non-knitters who may be reading) for the moment, thought I've got some others waiting impatiently in my stash shouting whenever I open the lid "KNIT ME!!! KNIT MEEE!! I'M EXCITING AND LUSH!! LOOK AT MY COLOUR WAY!!!" But I must resist, or my sweetie won't have his scarf while the weather's still barely cool enough for him to wear it!

Okay, there are chores to do, and that lovely snuggly woollen scarf to finish so I can start on the other screaming masses! So I must be off! Out of the cyberworld and into the tidying world - hurrah!

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