Monday, September 11, 2006

Knit Nutt indecision!

I'm at work, it's 8:40am, so I have a mere 5 minutes to do this post before I'm officially clocked on to work time..
*big deep breathe to be able to speak really fast to squeeze into five minutes*
So I've been thinking about my nickname/blogname here. And I love it, I love being a knit nutt, because I really am a little out of the box in all aspects of life, and by the patterns and sorts of things I got for in knitting, I think I'm one of those slightly alternative, excited by new ideas and revolutionary concepts sort of knitters... But I keep thinking of other names that are awesome too!!

Last night we were having a few drinks, and I was doing a bit of knitting inbetween chatting with mates etc.. and I got up to go to the fridge and said 'Knit Ninja!!!' and struck a ninja agility pose! I imagined how funny that would look with knitting needles and those fancy ninja toes and laughed myself silly! So I thought what a great nick! KnitNinja! Or even KnitKninja! So i did a search, curious if anyone else is a knit ninja out there. AND THERE IS!! But I'm not envious - because she's brilliant! She's The Knitting Ninja, and has the CUTEST little ninja comic at the top of her blog, and looks like she knits the most gorgeous things! And good on her for being so awesome and creative - I'm excited, I've only briefly looked at her blog but plan to have a real perusal of it soon.

So, there goes that one shot down in flames! Then I thought, hey I wonder if there are other knitnutts! AND THERE ARE!!! Well there's at least one that I found anyway, but spelt the conventional way - Knit Nut - and SHE'S a fabulous knitter too!!

Okay, it's officially past work time - 8:46, I shall leave this with a suspenseful dot dot dot, get to work, and complete the post in my lunch or after work!! Why can't I be a lady of leisure and be able to knit and post all day??


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