Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bad blogger!!!

So by now you may think me a bad and troublesome blogger? Send me to the corner for timeout!!
But I have a reason for being so tardy and leaving my poor blog so alone and forlorn for so long, truly I do...


computer guts

Our poor computer has been very VERY crook!! Skoota worked wonders (and worked his butt off!) and has managed to fix it all up, but geeeez did it give us a run for our money! Skoot'd been playing around with the computery innards, setting up our exciting 5.1 surround sound set up which we can play through the TV and computer too, I came up and gave him a little shoulder kneading, and unbeknownst to us I transferred not only relaxing massagic energy but STATIC ELECTRICITY from my sparky self to him (he's very unsparky so never wears a wrist band earthing doodad) and fried the computer!!! Gah! So shweetum checked it all out the next day, it turned out not the be the video card as we had first suspected that was demolished by my sparkiness but the motherboard *collective groan* so $260 later we had the parts to put it all right again. But then it simply would NOT be friendly and took the lovely shweetum a good 5 HOURS of his weekend to arse around trying to fix it up - argh!

Argh on his behalf of course, as while it does fret me so to see skootla vexed, and have our computer out of action, I actually enjoyed a very relaxing and lovely Sunday - no computer mechanics for ME! I've been really tired lately, harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning and feeling ultra fatigued and sluggish at work. Pooh pooh! I don't know what it is, but I decided last week that I would get heaps of chores and things done on the Saturday so on the Sunday I could have a Pajama Day. Mmm!! For those of you not familiar with the beauty and virtues of a Pajama Day, it's a day where one endeavours to remain in one PJs ALL. DAY. Preferably no leaving the house, except for pleasant dozes in the backyard sunlight or such, but definately no errands, no chores, and no obligations. A day all for ones-self to enjoy, relax, and rejuvenate. Aaahhhhhh *contented sigh* So while shweetly was tinkering and tonkering with the occassional burst of curses (well deserved on the computer's part) I sat on the couch for moral support, knitting away and chatting with him or simply being a sympathetic by-sitter.

Suffice to say I've gotten quite a lot done on a few knitting projects. Can you believe that I've been knitting now for probably 4 or 5 months and haven't finished A THING!! Not one single thing!! Skoot has a wearable scarf, but the DESIGN's not finished!!It's technically only half a scarf!! Sheez!! So I'm desperate to get some lovely knitted items actually completed! I've only got *pauses to count up* three items on the go! Just the three!! But it seems I haven't heaps of time in my day to really sit down and crank out many rows - how poo is that?!

However! ... Today on my drive to work I was again stuck in peak hour traffic (just like every day) and again sat in the car for over an hour (like I do everyday) inching my way all the way from where I live in to work. ugh. And as I got out of the car I thought "That's it! THAT'S IT!! No more!" and made the decision to one way or another stop the foolishness that is me spending 2 HOURS in a car EVERY WORK DAY commuting - how crap! So I've checked out on the Transperth journey planner (a thing of beauty I reckon) my options and have found it'll still take me an hour to get to work on public transport, but the difference is, that's a full hour I can spend knitting, or reading or what have you while pod-listenin, instead of sitting in a hot car with my right arm getting baked pod-listenin. FABULOUS!! So I shall try out this method for a while to see if it works, and if it doesn't.. I'l just have to quit and find work somewhere down here! But if it DOES work.. *cunning look* think of all the knitting projects I'll get to finish so quickly!! *wicked grin*

I shall post the details of my current knitting projects shortly, but for now I'm going to have a crack at placing some buttons and progress bars into the side bar - eeee! How exciting!! Ann left me a great helpful comment (Thanks Ann!!), and I've got the theory of how it works - adding html to the template, but as to where in the template to place the html?? That's a different story!! So wish me luck!! :)

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