Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Geekiness is failing me!

*plea for help*
I'd love to be able to place things like this, and buttons linking to other peoples blogs and sites, progress bars for my WIPs etc.. in the side bar of my blog, but I can't figure it out!!
If anyone out there in blogland has some hot tips on how to do it with blogger, PLEASE enlighten me!! I will be so super grateful and send you many warm fuzzies and imaginary baked goods!
So here's my little geeky Harry Potter shield I imagine would look nice in the side bar.. if only my geekiness would extend to technical programming knowledge!!

The sorting hat says that I belong in Gryffindor!

Said Gryffindor, "We'll teach all those with brave deeds to their name."

Students of Gryffindor are typically brave, daring, and chivalrous.
Famous members include Harry, Ron, Hermione, Albus Dumbledore (head of Hogwarts), and Minerva McGonagall (head of Gryffindor).

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!


Ann said...

To put button on your blog - 1st of all, right click on the button to save onto your computer. Then you will need an account like flicker or photo bucket to upload that file from your computer. Once that's done, all you need to do is to copy the url & then paste on your blogger template. That's it! Try it & let me know if it doesn't work. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Hi Sasha!! I think the comment you left on yin's blog at was directed to me instead? as in the mum's knitting blog? :)