Sunday, October 29, 2006

ohmigosh ohmigosh!

Lookit! Lookit!!
*points excited at sidebar and jumps about with glee*
I've figured it out!! I've figured it OUT!!!
I still need to figure out how to put up a button picture and have that actual button link to the site, rather than having a separate link above it and the picture link back to flickr, but I've got links up - Hooooraaayyy!!! :) :) :)

My lovely Dad's coming over for lunch today, so I've gotta get cracking and make the house a bit more presentable - but it's so much fun adding buttons!! Wahee!!

Oooh in other news, aaalll my purple tops is now spun up! I love it I. LOVE. IT! I've saved one tiny slither of it to show Dad when he comes around :D


2paw said...

How wonderful that Green is your Friend too!!! I am also cock-a-hoop when I manage to do something a bit tecky!! I am a semi-Luddite, the worst kind of Luddite!!! How clever you are to spin. I look in envy at spinners!!!

Trillian42 said...

Linking pictures is easy!

Put < a href="" > before the < img > tag, and < /a > afterward - voila! (Just take out the spaces before and after the < and >