Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The wheels on the bus go round and round!

I have arrived at work super early this morning, so am taking this opportunity to kick off my heels, settle at my desk and update about my day of public transporting yesterday!

So I left home at about 6:45am, shveetie gave me a lift to the bus stop (and I made him late when I couldn't find my shoes!! Sorry sugar!!) and I bussed off at 7:07. Arrived at the train station and trained into the city to transfer, went to the wrong platform so had to scoot over to a different one, thought I wouldn't make it, could see the train I needed sitting there just about ready to zoom off without me.... But I made it! It turned out that train was out of service and zoomed off without anybody! So the little delay waiting for a real one meant I made it to work at 8:41, later than I had wanted as I start at 8:45, but in time none-the-less :)
And the awesome thing is.... for that whole time.. I was knittin *grin* I got about two feet done on Skoota's scarf, and on my way home did some more on the scarf and some knitting on my sock, read the latest Knit1 magazine, looked out the window... And was generally completely chilled out and relaxed!! It's a long time to be travelling, but I think definately a few days a week it'll be worth it simply for morale and the relaxation factor! Plus I'm so productive on public transport!! :D

Today I drove in as I didn't have the right sort of yen to pay the driver, and I actually made very good time, left quite early and missed all the stinky traffic - hooraaay!!

I've been getting super excited about Christmas Crafts too *glint in eye* And have downloaded a bunch of different sorts of patterns (can't say too much.. who knows who's reading?! Can't give the gifty surprise away!!) some of which I'll alter before getting to work on. And I've got a few litle plans floating about in my head to try as well. Excitingly, today's payday, which means if I get off work early enough (I worked some extra time yesterday) I might be able to stop past the craft store and get some supplies!! Oooohhh it's lovely and fun doing Christmas Crafts! If anyone has any favourite Chrissie projects do please share them with me! Leave a comment or send me an email with the details of your fabulous designs :)

I haven't any relevant photos to this post, but always like to put one in for interest's sake, plus I'm a sucker for shiny, colourful, pretty things! So here's a fabulous photo I saw once depicting an aurora as seen from space - I don't know if it's an actual satallite shot, or whether it's a photoshop image for illustrating purposes only, but it's awesome all the same :)
One adventure I definately want to have a shot at is experiencing both aurora borealis and aurora australis - imagine the colours!


Helen said...

Sounds like the public transport option is working out really well. Your blog buttons and links look great, so well done. It is sooo satisfying when one works out how to do something technological when it comes to computers. Your handspun looks awesome. Your such an inspiration and make me want to learn to spin my own yarn right away. I have even ordered Spin to Knit from Amazon the other day. Something to look forward to doing in the future.

bink said...

Glad the bus/training went well :) The moolah side should be much easier when the SmartRiders finally kick in!!

I'm trying to gear up for some Christmas craftiness, really I am .. but sadly I can't convince the weeds to stop growing while I keep busy with Christmas :(