Monday, October 09, 2006

Show time!

So my Saturday excitement was a trip to the...


Hooray!! I hadn't been since I was a little tacker, or in my early teens anyway, and have mostly thought of it as a big mass of crowds, loud sprukers, rides I'm not prepared to pay the exorbitant prices for and showbags I'm not interested in. But in my dismissiveness over the years I had forgotten an important (and huge!) element... The demonstrations and exhibitions! So just in time I decided I'd go along and check out any sort of fibre-y stuff they had there (being extremely jealous of all these fancy Wool and Fibre Festivals the US seems to have), and the more I checked out their websites and saw the displays and things they had going on, the more desperately I wanted to go! So I tee-ed it up with one of my bestiest buds, who was planning to go along with her partner , and we all went along together - yayyy!! And we had such a blast!

We saw so many awesome animals and brilliant ecological displays I can't WAIT to have my own farm property with ze shweetie to have a huge menagerie or animals!!

First port of call was the bird and poultry shed where our carefully colour coded and cross referenced day plan (so we all got to see and do our favourites *grin*) told us we could watch the Chook Washing demonstration (bound to be hilarious!) but NO! They had changed it on us without updated the online list - so it no longer fit within our well oiled machine-like plan of the day (which actually was turned into a spontaneous non-plan rather quickly, but all agreed the plan was handy to make sure we CHOSE to miss things rather than be disappointed later to find we had missed the tractor display or lawn mower racing. Yes, lawn mower racing.)

So next we toddled off across the (somewhat huge) showgrounds to the Alpaca sheds....

I waaaaaaaaannttt oonnnneee!!!!!!!!

Well, to be truly true, I
want a whole bunch *grin* They are AWESOME! So calm and spunky lookin', gorgeous to cuddle, excellent guard-folk against foxes etc.. for other livestock, don't get footrot and other nasty skanky terrible livestock maladies, plus any animal that will provide me with LUXURY YARN straight off its back!?!! Well, they're a friend of mine!
ss to say I picked up a bunch of brochures, information booklets etc and had a good chat to one of the ladies who had her Alpacas there on display - she suggested we get involved checking out her farm and how things work while we're researching and getting started - before we take the actual plunge. yay!

We watched and were a
we-struck by the sheep dog trials - extremely clever dog-a-logs working their guts out but making it all look so easy, and having an absolute ball at the same time!
They look pretty casual in this photo, but the things the doggers could make the sheep do!! Just incredible *shakes head in wonder* Such an incredible bond between them and the guys that were comunicating to them by word, whistle or handsignal. Add sheepdogs to my menagerie list, and sign me up for the weekend workshops!

The animal nursery was a must-see, with all sorts of critters ranging from fox terriers and little bubby chicks warming themselves under incubators, to... GOATS! (add them to my menagerie list) Here's a little fellow we had a cuddle with..

Blurry shots mostly, he was skipping about a bit and playing headbutts with the other kids *grin*
He also took a chunk out of our show brochure (yummy!) and had a go nibbling my bag and even snuffled at my wrist and my yummy looking beads! You can't eat that!!

We saw a super cool pen for the billy goats with a rock setting and even a little miniature castle set atop the rock with a little wall around it, turrets and everything!This billy goat was standing proudly right on the castle! You can just see the wall around his feet, and another billy in the background getting pats, I loved their loose rustic bondage collars!

We headed to the CALM conservation area and I got even more inspired to have a worm farm, we checked out some other pavillions and things, had some grub, bought some goodies including some super funky Apple Port for shweetie! Apple port?! How bizarre I know! But it received a very positive welcome upon delivery! A most scrumptious and dleicious drop was the verdict, though a bit strong for me :) I also got us some super yummy gourmet chocolate... mmm oraganic milk & dark, plus two blocks of dark organic with WINE INFUSED CURRENTS THROUGH IT!! Now, I'm not a wine person, but the folks convinved me to sample & far out I'm so glad I did!!! Mmmmmmm *bit of drool escapes lips* So i've been munching on that, but trying to restrain myself so it lasts a little.. I even shared some with guests the other night! To part with gourmet chocolate so freely?! - Unbelievable! Chocolate so good it even makes the eater behave so!

But the most unbelievable thing was the purchase I made in the wool sheds.. Not surprising actually given the name of the sheds! But SO EXCITING!!


How excitement!! They're both Corriedale fleece, the darker fleece is a gorgeous darkashgrey colour 2.4kg and I think it's all pre-prepared. The creamy white fleece isn't washed yet, so I had a go the other day but was a bit rough I think, so the little amount I did (sitting on top all fluffy and white!) felted a little in some spots. Still, it was good fun to give it a go! See the awesome crimpy crinkle of the locks in the close-up shot? *awe*

So my Royal Show experience was complete, I even got to come away with some fleece - it feels almost like a wool and fibre festival, only with more stuff going on to watch and do! Even if we were completely knackered from so much trotting back and forth across the grounds, we had an awesomeness time and I'll definately be up for it again next year!

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