Sunday, October 08, 2006

Excitement Supreeeeme!!

There are SO many things I want to post about.
So SO many excitements have been happening lately my mind is reeling with bright colours and sparkly distractions, I must calm myself and post them ONE by ONE - not splurge them all into one giant post!

*tries to calm self*

So I shall begin with Friday and work my way forwards (and backwards - gah!) from that!

I have had a fabulous weekend *massive grin* Even starting Friday, I've had a fabulous Friday-and-weekend!! How spoilt is THAT!?! So, my scrumptious has had this week off work, and on Friday I get a message from him "Would it make your day if there's a package for you at home?"

So of course I exploded into hysterical excitement, dancing about the office extolling the virtues of The PACKAGE! There were only two things I knew were
on their way to me across the seas.. only two orders I had made of which The Package could be one.. So that meant The Package could be only one thing....

*~. YAAARRRRRNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! .~*

And sure enough, there on The Package was the label :
Carefully I cut away the packing tape and voila!!! The gorgeous booty which lay inside was REVEALED!!!! Allow me to introduce you to...

Morning Glory Bower!
Berry Parfait!Yaaaaaaaayyy!!! *sash goes wild*

I can tell you, this is such. stunning.
yarn. It is so beautifully coloured and the merino so soft, Lynn of Yarn Wench is an incredible spinner and artist *many warm fuzzies sent to Lynn* Fresh is by far my favourite, and the reason I actually ordered in the first place. But in person, the yarn is even better than I had imagined. Lynn's weaved sparkles through it like fine faery spider webs - it is divine.

Here's the photo my darl took of me holding my favourite! See
how maniacally happy I look! There's madness in them eyes...

Then I picked them all up and was snuggling into their lush softness, Shweetie took this photo before wandering off muttering something about my "sick obession"....
I didn't pay any attention and kept snuggling. The Morning Glory Bower in particular is SO SOFT!

So there you have it! The divine, the delicious and delectable Friday package!! Who knows what I shall choose to knit with them, or whether I'll knit Fresh up at all! It's such a very nice skein to carry around and gaze adoringly at.... But whatever is knit of them, it will be fantastic - I mean look at those SKEINS!!

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