Thursday, October 12, 2006


Wheee!!! Socksies rocksies - I'm completely adoring the sock knitting adventure!

Today at work I found myself somewhat agitated and more easily irritable.. why was all this work getting in my way when my purpose is to KNIT! Knit damn you!! hehe I managed to placate my inner (and outer!) knitter by retreating at lunch time to a lovely cafe and sitting in a nice big wingback chair and knit knit knitting away between sips of my vanilla milkshake. So much knit knit knitting in fact that I didn't leave in time and took an extra half hour of lunch - so engrossed!!

So I've finished the second part of the toe - very VERY awesome! I love that I've got my head around it, I'm understanding what I'm knitting while I'm knitting it - not blindly making stitches and hoping it's all ok. I feel more confident when I feel I'm on the same page as my pointy sticks - it feels I'll be able to better communicate with the knitted fabric and undo any errors nice and early, or stop them in the making even!

So here's my little socksie toe-sie *proud and excited grin*
For any non-knitters - the little gummi bears are not (unfortunately) extremely delicious sugary treats, but little needle corks! Well that's not their proper name I'm sure but that's sort of how they work, like an inverted cork. They have a little *ahem* hole in their bottom... into which you insert (ouch) the ends of the five DPNs (Double Pointed Needles) so it ends up looking a bit like a chinese finger trap - completely fabulous as it stops a) losing needles everywhere in bag/purse/pocket and b) dropping stitches *cue horror movie scream sound effect* So all in all just about as useful as the extremely delicious sugary treats i also carry in my knitting bag *grin*

I feel so electric with excitement knitting on the sock and learning another new skill, shaping the toe with short row shaping and picking up the stitches and making them live *ZAP* again! Wheee!

Of course this makes me now an official participant in
Socktoberfest 2006!
I decided I'd sign up for Socktoberfest and knit my first pair of socks in October as part of the socky knit along, I had even ordered some DIVINE sock yarn off the net coincidentally a short time before, so fancied it perfect for the task! I would knit some socks and some knitty Fetching mitts out of the delectable Sunshine Yarns sock yarn (in Welsh Green Dragon colourway - How awesome and Harry Pottery is THAT?!), however the sock yarn did not arrive in time so being that the SnB was last night so I was having my first tutorial and needed yarn I've started my sockies with Meilenweit Cotton Maya, in a colourway I adore - it makes me think of the freshness and lightness of spring *breathes in nice big lungful of clear cool air with light floral scents of freshly blooming flowers*

NOTE: have just had big deja vu -ish feeling as if I've already blogged about the Sunshine yarns.. I'm too tired to look back to see if I have and faff around editting, so If i have and you've heard it all before.. youget another enthralling and jealous-making rendition - consider yourselves luck *wink*

It's actually ok that the Dragon hadn't arrived, as now I can get my sock knitting technique down before I crack out the fancy handpainted! So I was planning to try the "dividing of the stitches amongst the other needles" thing tonight, but now I'm a bit knackerd and I don't fancy stuffing it and not being able to refix it. So I'll give it a whirl tomorrow and see how I go! Next SnB is on Saturday arvo so that'll be good - in case I can't figure out what I'm doing now and need the fabulous Helen (she's SO AWESOME!! Such a fabulous, friendly, down to earth and helpful friend *warm fuzzies to Helen*) to give me another of her brilliant tutorials! Helen's of Knitting Inspirations and is the lovely lady starting me on my sockin adventure!

Righto! More on the SnB and my sockies and other WIPs tomorrow or sometime soon thereafter, for now it's.. Off to the boudoir to watch some Black Books with my shveetie!!!! I'm in need of some British humour and some sleeeep!


Helen said...

You're making excellent progress and I am sure the dividing of stitches over the 4 needles will be a breeze for a you. Thanks again for your warm compliments of appreciation. Your blog is really impressive and soo much fun to read.

Love the photos of you cuddling up to your Yarnwench yarn and don't worry I would of done the same thing, as it one fine exquisitely gorgeous yarn. It makes me want to learn to spin right now, so I can spin yarn like that. Thanks so much for sharing. See ya Sat.

AnJaka said...
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Anonymous said...

Knitting? You've done it again...

and by 'it' I mean totally confuse me.

Love ya,
Lew, Rew, Rewis ROAR!

2paw said...

How exciting, a wonderful sock!! Once you start you won't be able to stop. I love your wool too!! Dividing the stitches up is really easy, you'll be fine!!

pinky-yin said...

Hihi, thanks for your comments on my blog... but i think you may have mistaken me for Michelle ( the way...Michelle is very good at these technical stuff with blogger... pop her a message... I am sure she will be more than willing to help. If you are attending the City Nits this Sat, she will be there as well... see u around... love that yarn for your sock....where is it from???