Monday, October 16, 2006

Gingerbull Red-bread Man

MmmmnnnngAAahhhhh shhhnnaaa...
*mumbles and slurs, eyes half closed, barely upright on chair*

Geeeez today was a CUH-RAAAZY day at work! I am completely knackered! I don't know whether it's because school's going back tomorrow so adults are back to thinking about their needs and issues (rather than being distracted or overwhelmed by holidaying kiddies) or what it is but FAR OUT!!!! Monday's are normally busy, but this is ridiculous!! My fabulous workmate Sharon and I were totally inundated with calls, appointment re-sheduling, urgent clients in crisis to organise.. you name it it was on our desk! Neither of us were able to take our normal full break, Sharon took a quick walk down to the cafe for a take away coffee, to at least get some fresh air, then back to the office and the odious phones! Then I tagged out and similarly needed a break from the office so walked down to the cafe.... and.... I simply had to. No choice involved, I had to have them...

I call my day... *dramatic pause* ...

Gingerbull Red-bread man!!
Because that is what I needed to make the day survivable!! Plus that's pretty much how garbled my speech has been since leaving for home!

It really wasn't THAT unbearable, just super UBER busy which is never pleasant. I had done so much frantic scribbling that by the end of the day my hand was SORE with writers crampingness! Gah!

I've started to give less to my job than I used to. I was one of those people (and still am a little) who gets to work super early (mainly because the traffic's better earlier in the a.m) and starts working right then! Then at lunch I'll go and sit at a computer to do my personal emailing etc.. or maybe sit in the staff room or run some errands. But I have learnt the folly of my ways - no self care, no rest time, and no escape from the aircon office-i-ness. So I've started to go out to cafes or to a park to sit and knit in my breaks :) Mmmmmm it's so nice :) Last time I was at the park a trio of ducks trotted past me let out a gentle discussion of "mmwacck" "bbwwackk" "mwackk" as they toddled on by. How I'd LOVE to have ducks in my yard and my yard to be a farm!!

Today I didn't get much done knitting-wise - I only managed two DPNs-worth while having a quick sitdown and scoff. But they are progressing very nicely :) I'm about an inch or so away from starting my heel - yay!!

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