Saturday, November 25, 2006

Antici..... pation!

Oooooh the excitement's building!!
I'm part of the Spunky Eclectic Fiber-Of-The-Month club, wherein a regular fee is paid and a supply of whatever fancy hand-dyed colourway of fiber is for that month is sent out to clubbees!
I joined late October, and paid my fee -just- after the cut off point for October- so no October stash enhancement... but November... November's a whole new month altogether *exicted grin*

I'm an avid reader of Pixie Purls blog, and she also is part of this Spunky Eclectic group - it was through her blog that I found out about it! The only problem being... that I love surprises, LOVE surprises, so I don't wanna know what the colourway is before it arrives at my door step and I tear open the package! But of course as Pixie's in the US, which is where Spunky Eclectic's located - she will receive hers before me and blog about it! Argh! Hehehe So I know it's on it's way because I was reading Pixie's blog the other day and had to stop because I started to read the paragraph about her Spunky fiber arriving! And as I'm a fast reader, I had already seen that it's called 'Pie in the Sky' - how exciting!! Blues and browns and whites maybe??
blue sky
So in excited anticipation, here is a picture of the blue blue sky when I was driving home yesterday and couldn't stop thinking about delicious fiber!!

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Pixiepurls said...

well don't go read my blog now because I knit a hat out of it! lol

It spins up very pretty but I won't say how of course :)