Sunday, November 26, 2006

Da weekeeeend

Geez I'm glad it's the weekend!
I have to say though, that yesterday flew past WAY too fast! And now today I'm feeling too exhausted to do any of the knitting, wool prep and spinning I had planned!!
We ran about somewhat madly yesterday before my cousin Shannon's wedding at 3. We ran to the big shops near by (I needed shoes to match my fancy dress), we ran to the hardware store, then we ran to the spinning guild (I needed to pay my wheel hire) and then zoomed on off to the beautiful Queens Park Gardens for Shannon and Scott's wedding. The service was fantastic, the day was gorgeous and super sunny - not a cloud in the sky, and Shannon looked stunning, I mean super stunnign, long classic white sleeveless dress, laced up the back - enchanting.
We headed up to Dad's place in between the ceremony and the dinner afterwards, as a good few hours stretched in between and it's way too far for us to go home in between.
So I got to have a lovely big play with the Chilli-mooser! Yay!
This of course covered our clothes in a layer of fashionable husky hair! But it was worth it - she's such a darling :) :) *smitten*
On to the dinner - everything was set out SO beautifully, the table (and bridsesmaid's dresses) were all in shades of blue, little name cards, and even a little box of chockie hearts for everyone, with Shannon & Scott's wedding Nov 25 2006 in silver writing on the front! Cute!!
wedding table 2
So now I'm off to my brother's birthday bash! Driving up to Mum's so hopefully the sun won't beat through my window too much! Skoota's gone riding today, super excited to try out his new back wheel set up on his mountain bike, but the lads all came over uber early to pack the utes and go and all parked behind our cars in the drive!! WHen I got up to see them off I was too sleepy to realise! So I'll have to do some creative driving to get one of the cars out - the other one's completely penned in which is a bummer because that's the one with air con!!

In knitting news I am ready for the HEEL on my sock - how excting!! I joined a 'My First Toe Up Sock' kAL too, so that'll be awesome fun, and very timely! And how bizarre is this, I had a dream last night that I was over in the US and visited Pixie!

Must dash, have noticed the time! whooopsie!

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