Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I was able to leave work a bit earlier than normal today, to make up for other time I've worked extra. So I took the opportunity to drive the somewhat lengthy, traffic-light riddled route to my favourite W.A yarn store, Calico and Ivy
I wanted to get some 5mm needles for Chrissie crafting, but also check out their range of Cottons. Ooooh they certianly did not disappoint!!
Even the carpark had this ute parked, with the GORGEOUS dogger inside actually leaning so far out of the car on patrol for his/her human, their little paws were up on the window sill! When I cruised up and got out, the dog-a-log put crossed paws on the sill and rested their little chin on them! Awwwwwww!! Awesome looking dude, brilliant colours and longer fur than a normal kelpie - more like alsatian fur or so. Didn't turn out so well in the photo against the seat cover, but I had to get a picture - so cuute! So charismatic!!
dog driving ute
When I came out post-purchasement, dogger was lying beside the car, watching the street (and probably still on human patrol) but not running off or making a nuisance, just chilling out next to the car! Dogger'd obviously hopped out (though it was a high ute) and found it cooler waiting down there!

Yes, those two little words up there ... 'post purchase'... I certianly did purchase! I had forgotten how LOVERLY the store is, and it's been a little while since I've been in there, a few months or so, and I've progressed a ways in my knitting since then, so I was enthralled by the alpaca, merino, silk, and all the cottons, the colours etc.. which never caught my interest before. I was a few months ago, much more agog at Point 5 Colinette and uber deliciously textured stand out yarns like that. So I very excited purchased some yarns (all I'm showing is the brown paper bag below - no more sneak peeks before Chrissie!), some 3.25mm Clover needles (soooo loooooong and skinny!!) and some tasty tasty 5mm addi natural circulars - mmmm so smooth, so dreamy...
bag o goodies
The total came to a whopping $84 - all contained in that middle sized lovely brown paper bag (notice it bulging slightly at the bottom) *google eyed disbelief* I know - it adds up quick doesn't it!! But I rallied mysefl on my way to the counter when I hadn't been able to choose between all the lucious colours, that these are GIFT yarns! I'm making PRESENTS out of them! So it's ok to spend money on them, these knitted items will be given in the place of consumerist items - catfish? Plus $23 was for the needles so it's really only $60ish.. and that covers knitted items for ALLL the family and AALLL the friends!! Yay! :) Better get cracking then! I've started knitting an item in one of the yarns, and am EXTREMELY thrilled to bits with the colour - so electirc, so vibrant! linie 134 Taken me about an hour to get half way through what I'm knitting, and I think I want to resize it... but I'm thinking once I have the basic patterns down and am familiar with the gauge I'm getting with which yarn on which needles I'll be all set to be a knitted gift item machine!!!


Ann said...

A knitter can never go into a yarn shop & come out empty handed. I am quite sure you got some goodies! Happy knitting.

Michelle said...

ooh...i love that colour of the yarn you got there!!! so pretty!!! sadly...i'm on a yarn diet ... super uber broke. i've never been to calico and ivy. i'm actually afraid of going there. afraid i'll end up bankcrupt?? hahahahaha

Sasha said...

Hehe very true Ann! Michelle, we shall have to go together someday - withthe hope of restraining each other from purchasing, but I'm sure in reality we'll just be enablers and both leave totally broke and in trouble with our partners!!