Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Summer stormings!

Oooohhh aaaaahhhh!!!
The weather lately has been heating up more and more towards the toasty Aussie summer, with gorgeous sunsets - like Monday's cloudy sunset below

sunsetty mon
But yesterday everything was all a little blustery and windy, the sky was white with clouds, all overcast and exciting! It built throughout the day, and at lunch time was like this outside work!
ominous sky at work
And then as I was driving from work to a friend's place to catch up - it DID start raining!! Yayy!! Not much thunder or lightening, but blustery monsoonal wind gusts!
We were trying to get in to a nice italian joint for dinner, but they were booked out, we could only sit alfresco, as we stood outside testing the weather to see if it was tolerable to eat outside, every time we thought it would be ok a HUGE gust of wind would blow sand and leaves up and into our mouth and all over! Crazy! Then a chair across the street got blown off down the path so we decided NO! NOT ok to eat alfresco tonight!!
I do love a good storm though *grin*

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bink said...

We got a pretty good storm last night - pity it couldn't have happened before I went to sleep :)

Only 8.2 mm though :(