Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Re-run required

On Monday night I sat down after only getting home at 7pm, and starting writing a reasonably long post about Socktoberfest, how my socks progressed through Socktoberfestiness, and my Halloween (mis)adventure... But then disaster struck.

*dramatic pause*

In my touch typing frenzy as I tickertackered away I must have hit a particular key that told my browser to go 'back'. The little box popped up "Are you sure you want to navigate away from your current page? You will lose any unsaved data" By unsaved data, it means the ENTIRE POST. But of course as I was touch typing and the next key I hit was space all I saw was a flash of the "Are you sure box" and it was GONE! Just like that!! Our computer's set up in the main loungey area, so I'd been blogging, then glancing over at the tellie, then chatting with shveeetie, then blogging some more, so I'd been sitting there for a good hour and a half at least! So to lose all of that..?! All that time I could have been knitting, or crafting or relaxing on the couch?!?! Well I chucked a little bit of a tanty, which is very unlike me, then stormed off to read calming Harry Potter in bed.

Suffice to say I've been a little scarred to try posting again about the Octoberness, but I will, just not tonight! Tonight I want to crack out a quickie about a few exciting and lovely things :)

First of which is this awesome swan!! Check him OUT!Normallly swans sort of weird me out just a little bit with their looong sinewy necks, but really they are incredible, graceful and strong birds. Last night I caught up with my lovely Mama - the plan was I'd pick her up when she had finished work, so in the meantime before she knocked off, I drove to the nearby park and pulled into the carpark to sit and knit til she was ready. The car bay I pulled into was the last one in the row, right next to the grassy expanse before the water, and this chap (or chapess.. how does one tell the gender of a swan?!) was RIGHT beside the car bay on the grass! I pulled in slowly so as not to startle him and we spent some time gazing at each other knowingly. hehe isn't he a lovely chap!

I'm absolutely BURSTING with ideas for fun and f
abulous Chrissie crafts - But where is the time to indulge in them all?! WHERE??!! If anybody finds it PLEASE let me know!
Hehe :) I bought quite a little booty bag of supplies the other day and have started crafting away, and things are turning out quite nicely! I can't give too many details here as some of the giftees may be reading - and I can't spoil their surprise! I do love a good surprise!

Despite the recent expenditure for Chrissie crafterliness.... Check out these deliciously colourful yarns I bought today!! I got two of each colourway, and seeing how I go with the patterns I've been feverishly downloading I will probably head on back for some more! yay!!
I've realised though I really must get myself a little digital camera. I've got a camcorder which takes stills aswell as video, but the quality's definately not up there. Most of the shots I've uploaded here are from my phone - also not a finely focussed foto! So I'll have to add one to my wishlist I reckon! But for now I'm more than happy with candy-coloured fibery treats to knit up into Chrissie goodies!


pinky-yin said...

Dont you just love those Anchor yarns? They are absolutely yummalicious :)

Michelle said...

ooh!! anchor yarns!! what are you going to make with that??