Saturday, November 04, 2006


And not a minute too soon!

On the Thursday I did go a-book-shopping and picked up the fabulous Harry Potter And the half-Blood Prince, brand spanking new and all hardbacked, prety and nice smelling (I do indeed love the smell of a nicely bound book!) for a bargainus price! Very happy with that :)

Still feeling a bit up-and-down-sie but am throwing myself into my crafting and reading so am pretty wrapped up in escapism at the mo :)

So I've found some interesting links I want to share and shout out gleefully about some of the fabulous podcasts I enjoy (by enjoy I mean "Hang out on iTunes waiting waiting waaaiittiiinnng... YES! A new episode!! Then impatiently download and listen ASAP").

PODCASTIES! Now I do listen to an awful lot of them, so I won't be mentioning all of them, at least not now when we're due to be pic
ked up to go out in 20minutes!

So here's just a few..
Of course all I am in complete adoration of Cast-On the awesome-ness podcast by Brenda Dayne which focuses on knitting, but of course as knitting is so intertwined with each knitters life, she also discusses relevant life issues, reads essays from readers which normally center about a common theme for the series, and she is also hilariously funny, witty, compassionate and totally enthrallingly interesting to listen to! I find Cast-On so engaging - I love it I love it!

Another fabbo one is Pixie Purls, which is fun because it focuses around not only knitting but a lot of spinning content too - yum yum! Pixie's a super cute-sounding, funny and natural lass - lots of fun to listen to, and her blog's good fun to read too, lots of pictures. I've mentioned her before and have her snappy little faery silhouette over there *points* in the sidebar.

Lime and Violet should NOT be missed - but any small children or impressionable teenagers should be removed from any broadcasting arena in which their podcast may be overheard! These ladies are awesome! Again, totally natural in their presentations - sort of like overhearing two best mates yacking away - which I suppose it is! Often veering off the knitting/spinning topic, but brilliant to listen to and of course they do give a heads up to lots of delicious fiber-y items ... Mmmmm.....

Now, I must MUST mention a BRILLIANT new additi
on to the knitting podcastery scene... STICKS AND STRING! One of the reason I totally ADORE this podcast already is that it's hosted by an Aussie!! Hooray!! I myself had been thinking of starting up an aussie 'cast but didn't know where or whether I'd be able to find the time for one, then lo and behold David starts one with Sticks and String!! I really enjoyed the first show, and the 2nd one was released today. I want to send out a massive confetti burst of encouragement and excitement to David and hope he keeps on keeping on with his podcast :) (plus you can hear the jingling of his super cute kitties in the background! awww!!)

Now - exciting links!!
I did my little trolling about through blogs I read today, and found some very fun and intriguing links!

A webpage with a funky mouse cursor set up to "paint" like
Jackson Pollock . Make sure you play for a while then have even more fun by clicking your mouse for a fun surprise :)

This one
here is a flickr photo group for Hyperbolic Crochet Cactii and Kelp! Completely bizarre but I love it!!

And lastly, even more bizarre..
The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art. Yes, you heard me right. *grin* Certainly taking fiber arts out of the normal spectrum!

oooh our ride is here, must dash!
I live with a photo my good friend Zoe took of her doggalog cruising about up in Darwin :) Cuuuute!


Helen said...

Wow that is an impressive podcast summary and thanks for the tipping me off about sticks and string. David has the perfect voice for podcasting and this will become my second favourite after Cast-on I'm sure. I am still listening to all the back issues of Cast-on, so probably once I have done this I will get more into the others. We are just soo lucky that these wonderful people take the time to create these shows for our knitting enjoyment. Pod on!

pinky-yin said...

Hi Sasha...thanks for reading my blog... The online Ballband dishcloth patter can be found the version i used is from the Mason Dixon book I received from my secret pal for SP9... the exchange is great fun... i will definitely sign up for the next one :)

Pixiepurls said...

Awe, cute pupper pic!!!