Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Isn't it funny how it can seem like there's not much on your plate for a while, then all of a sudden there's so much happening you can't go to things you've been so looking forward to?!

This weekend is my prime example. It's the weekend of my cousin's wedding, which kicks off at 3pm for the ceremony, then continues with dinner etc.. at 6pm. I'm looking forward to it, of course, as a fun occassion to catch up with the family and share her exciting day!


Saturday also happens to be the fourth Saturday of the month... CityKnits group day!! 2pm onwards so I can't do that.. pooh pooh because it's porbably my fave knitting group (i've only been once before but love it!) and I wanted to catch up with Michelle, Helen, Ann and the rest of the knit-sibs, but meet Yin in person too! Gah! Nevermind! Hopefully there'll be another CityKnits before Chrissie :)


Saturday also happens to be the SPIN GUILD Saturday! And this one IS the last meet before Chrissie! I had to miss the last meet because we were lunching at Dad's place - a fabulous reason to miss something, lunch at Dad's is always great! - however I need to pay my wheel rental and wanted to catch up with all the ladies before Chrissie! We'll just have to slip in quickly on our way up to the wedding. I'm going to try to get some more lovely delicious rovings and things from the guild yarn store too, to keep me over Chrissie and New Year - particularly as I'm on holidays then - hoooray!!!


Saturday is also the Jacaranda Festival, where Helen and Ann from the SnB's I go to are holding a stall! I had planned to go along and support them there, maybe knit nearby to draw attention to the stall etc.. but alas! I won't be able to even squeeze in a smidgen of time there I don't think!

So I'm not ungrateful - I'm glad I have so many exciting and fun things in my life... I just need to work on the timing!! :P

One thing I always have time for... the Chilli-muffin *smitten grin*


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bink said...

I think that muzzle-puff should be on :)