Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lemme tell you a little story..

A story of knitting obsession!

Firstly, let me fill in a bit of context...
I've been doing a fair bit of Christmas Crafting lately - especially knitting. One of the projects I started a few days ago in gorgeous aqua, green and blues has a lot fo patterning and design in it. So I dutifully followed each row by row description : "K3, P3 *K1 P3 K5 P3, repeat from * til last 2 stitches, K2" ... but then it started to look funny. It was not at all like the picture next to the row patterning lines! I had completed a good few inches by now and the lovely colour variagation had come through... but I knew it wasn't right - I knew something was wrong.

So I counted the stitches and found... *dramatic pause*... A STOWAWAY!!
So THAT was why my patterning was all out! *heavy sigh* I looked down aty the inches of lovely shiny knitting and thought "I could keep going, knit two together to get rid of that extra stitch and pick up the patterning... " But no, I really couldn't. It wouldn't look right - and even if the recipient couldn't tell the difference and wouldn't know - I would know.

So rip it, rippit, ribbit I went down to the frog pond - luckily it was only several centimetres.

And I started over again! This time counting the stitches every few rows! And I'm loving it - I so adore knitting with this cotton - delish delish delish!!

Yesterday I arrived at work early as normal, and settled into an arm chair in one of the offices and attempted to regain the lost (and knitted) ground. Time to start work and I hadn't even made it half way, so I set it aside in my knitting bag, determined to make huge leaps forward in my lunchbreak. But then... we had a trainee *sombre note* She was a lovely person, and sat between us at the desk watching us work, and when it wasn't so busy we'd show her the ropes. She didn't go to lunch with my workmate who goes with a large groups of the girls, but instead waited and WENT WITH ME!!! And I was really disappointed. I'm generall not an unkind person, and there certainly wasn't any malice in my anti-social turn at all! I simply was too passionate about my knitting to be bothered socialising in 45 precious minutes I could be spending knitting!! It was very nice of her, and we did have a good chat.. but the whole time I sat there munching and talking I was ITCHING to knit!! I couldn't whip it out and knit while we talked because I need to concentrate on the stitch patterning - Arrrghh!!! I kept glancing down at my bag beside the table, envisioning its contents... The inhumanity!!!

Hehehe So the point of the story is... how knit obsessed can I get?!?!

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