Wednesday, December 06, 2006



Treetops Colour Harmonies!
treetops product splash
*pant pant*
They're a fiber dying company based HERE IN PERTH!!!! And they make such. beautiful. Things.

I was barely restrained from running there straight after work and spending all our Christmas money by the stern mothering look Sharon my co-worker gave me when I excitedly gabbled out about the fiber colourways, then the responsible way Skoot said "I'm not the boss of you, but keep in mind Christmas.. etc... etc.. " So I came to my senses and realised, exicited YES, but patience is a virtue and I plan to be both virtuous and financially responsible.
BUT IT'S HARD!! Particularly with colours like this...
treetops rhubarb Rhubarb
Edible.. and this one..
treetops lavender Sea Lavender
treetops madras madras
Look at the vibrancy!
treetops sea lavender
And the silk! The beautful drapey silk!!
treetops natural merino They also have undyed merino tops etc.. so I can buy some and dye my own!! Eeee!!!!!
And perhaps most exciting is...
tree tops artist palette
The Artist's Palette! A sample selection of all their dye lots... Mmmmmmmmm!!!!

Me thinks I'll be spending up big and stocking up huge on fiber after the holiday period! If I have any spare change at all I'll buy some over Chrissie so I can spend some of my holidays spinning - that would be awesome fun :)


fitknit said...

OMG! Don't you just want to roll in it???

Knitterly Notions said...

I can heartily recommend Nancy & her beautiful silks (I have a stash of her batts & silk tops). She comes over to the Fibre Forum at Geelong each September, so I can spend a full week dribbling over her products in between manning my own stall. They're gorgeous.

Sasha said...

ooh yeah, it's definately roll worthy!!

The Fibre Forum sound fantastic!! Might have to save for a trip over east in 2007 for this Forum... sounds juicy! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow... will have to get details of spinning from you... have been thinking of taking up spinning for a while now...whilst browsing the blogs, i saw you had some question on the ballband dishcloth... i have done some myself... can try to help :)