Monday, December 11, 2006

Many excitements :)

ooohhh a few little tidbits of excitement happening at the mo!

The other day I was trolling about the 'net checking out some knit and spin spots and found
That Spinning Place - an Aussie based store/blog/etc.. that I'm really enjoying! Wendy has an etsy store too, and I saw some little stitch markers SO ADORABLE I snaffeld some up *grin* She emailed me Friday after we'd sorted out the invoicing and things (I made everything a little more complicated than it really needed to be!) and said they'd be in the post that arvo! So they'll probably arrive on my doorstep TODAY!! Wheee!!! but.. they're actually a Christmas present from Chilli.. so they're going STRAIGHT into some wrapping paper and STRAIGHT under the tree! I don't even get to see them before I wrap them - thems the rules! Must get little goodies for the rest of the family from Chill too - she finds it much too tricky to carry all the shopping bags with her paws - far too slippery.

I, similar to most online knitters, am an avid listener to Brenda Dayne's knitting podcast Cast On - which if you haven't heard of before you must RUN right now to fetch your mp3 player, if you don't have one you must straight away go to her website and download the episodes to play straight from your computer! They are FABULOUS! In anycase.. Her podcast is sponsored by an independant store (meaning one woman and her home studio) Dame Candle Company. I've often thought "oooh must check out the online store" but always considered buying candles (amongst other things) from overseas inefficient as the postage costs would be so high. I tend to save overseas and online purchases for things I absolutely cannot source here in Oz. But then I read her blog, Candles, Yarn and Catnaps and heard her tales of woe that her little store might have to shut down, but that she adores the business so much, and was really hoping some Christmas trade would pick things up and give her another shot at making it work. So I indulged. I thought, I could use something nicely scented - I find it really makes the house into a home, a gorgeous smell wafting through, and a lit candle always adds such ambience.
dame tart burner
And I figured the price was similar to purchasing from any of the fancy candle stores here in Oz, and the postage would be considered a donation to Wendy's business (another Wendy - I know!) which I would have made had I not ordered. So I made a modest purchase, the 12 pack of tarts sampler scents, so I can get an idea of lots of the different fragrances Wendy does.
dame tarts
And LOOK!!! She posted this on her blog the other day - the packages all ready to send off to customer like ME!!! Woohoo!!!
dame candles orders shipment
I wonder which one's mine!! One of the little thin ones in the middle I expect.. ooooh how exciting!! This is a package i WILL open before Chrissie *wicked grin* Imagine... next week I'm on holidays from work, maybe the tarts will arrive by then (wishful thinking?) and I can relax at home in my 'jamies knitting, singing along to Chrissie carols, wrapping pressies, baking yummy foods in festive shapes... *drifts off dreamily*

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