Friday, December 01, 2006

snip snip snipitty the package!

I arrived home and sure enough, there was the package awaiting me!!
spunky packarge
I had bags of groceries in the car to unload and put away though, so I barely glanced at the packarge the whole time - though it was sitting RIGHT on the kitchen counter! I ignored it completely, wanting to savour the opening and excitement, so saving it til the chore-ish things were done!
While I was unpacking skoot came in and said, "what's hapennin? Why you not open ze packarge?!?" Knowing how excited I am about it!! I explained to him, he poked the bag AND IT SQUEAKED!!! Like a dog toy!! Well that just upped the intrigue 100% so the groceries were thrown away in a frenzy, and the packarge snipped open to reveeeaaaalllll.....
spunky fiber november 06
Spunky's PIE IN THE SKY FINN FIBER!!! Woohoo!
Nothing squeaky in the pack what-so-ever - How bizarre! must've been the fiber against the plastic wrap or something.. curiouser and curiouser!

So I'd not heard of Finn before, so didd some searching and found lots of pictures of the little sheepies!
finn sheep
Also a note regarding the marketing of the sheep that mentions we spinners!

The Secretary of the USA Finnsheep Association, said that some interest has been shown in recent years by hand spinners for Finn wool, but basically the breed has lost popularity because shepherds do not like dealing with the extra work that multiple births entail. "

Apparently they often give birth to twins or triplets - cute!
finn triplets
And the fleece on them is incredible! Able to grow a foot long! Yeehar!!
finn sheep fleece
So I just helped shveetie swap some tyres around from one of our cars to another, and now I'm gonna wash up and get a-spinning!! Yaaaaaayy!! =D =D =D

p.s. On my drive home today there was a seductively gorgeous red ferrari driving in the lane beside me, I ooogled much but my lane moved faster, then a bit further on he was in the lane behind me! You can't really see, but I jagged a shot in the rear view mirror... mmmmmm... red and curvy....
p.p.s Traffic was pretty much at a standstill so I wasn't being irresponsible, I promise :)

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