Sunday, December 03, 2006

Grab yer pillows we're havin a sleepover!!

Last night I stayed over at a very good friend of mine, Bink's house - we had a good old fashioned sleepover! Yay! It was such good fun, watching movies, eating delicious gourmet pizza, chasing bare foot and in trackie dacks after the pizza lady down the street when she forgot our garlic bread... ( I was hungry ok??), chatting into the night once we were in bed and of course, snuggling lots with the delightful Tess - awwwwww!
We took Tess for a nice walk around the suburb when I first arrived, and threw her ball in the park too - lots of fun! She's certainly got a bit of energy, that little Tessla!

We watched the latest Harry Potter movie which was on tv, The Prisoner from Azkaban, then put on the dvd of Crybaby. If you haven't seen Crybaby - you must! It is awesome! Particularly if you're a fan of Grease, as it is the same era, and similar Good-Girl-Turns-Bad-And-Likes-It storyline - brilliantly good, brilliantly hilarious, brilliantly quote-ful and brilliantly Johnny Depp! - right Bink *wink*

spun FInn
I had done loads of spinning of the Pie-In-The-Sky spunky Finn yesterday, and took my wheel to Bink's to show her the spinning. It's spinning up really nicely :) It's awesome being part of the Spunky club - not just to receive exciting surprise-ful fiber in the mail regularly (although this is my first one!) but because it makes me use colours I would not normally choose. It widens my horizons, and I find that incredibly creatively stimulating. I'm really enjoying this colourway, even though I would always pick bright vibrant colours over pastelly browns and blues - but that's the POINT! Get out of my normalcy and try something different - I really am enjoying it very much =D Plus, most of the stuff I make is for other people anyway, and not everyone likes the colours I do!

I plied it with the cream coloured Corriedale I had on the bobbin waiting to ply with the grey/brown corriedale - but was too excited and badly wanted to ply it with something so used the cream! I was a bit hesitant, as the cream had a few fluffs and bumps in it (having spun it from almost felted post-wash fleece!) but decided, I'm still new at this, and that's no reason not to do things - don't "save" things for when I'm "better" just enjoy it all now!! So I did - and I'm having a BALL!
plied Finn

Binkett is a pretty magical code-programmer-web-page-makerer-special-fancy-person so Iw as able to get some help fixing my blog a bit too! Hurrah! Whenever I log on to my blog at work the sidebar doesn't appear, and this made me start to think maybe other people can't see it too! Why would it work at home, but not at work? So Bink looked into it for me, changed some things in the Blogger template for me and Ta Da!
So if anyone can't see the sidebar on the left still, please drop me na comment letting me know. It seems that Internet Explorer creates the sidebarry problem, whereas Firefox web browser displays it as it should.

Right! I'm off to finish plying this lovely stuff up then I might even knit something out of it! Waheee!! Oooh and even more delicious - I've got this week's Cast On, and Sticks and Strings to listen to while I spin!! How blissful! Normally I listen in teh car driving to and from work - so it's a bit of a special luxury to listen while actually fiberartsing! :)


bink said...

I have of course instructed Chris to refer to me as Your Fanciness from this point forward :)

No probs, I had a great night :)

I think those scenes after Cry Baby's stripey pants fell by the wayside might need further examination, however...

Sasha said...

hehehe *grin*