Monday, December 04, 2006


I hopped on the treadie today after work and did a good sweaty little work-out! Yahoooo!! I will be a slim trim, HEALTHY little munchkin in no time!! By "no time" I of course mean, several months... But still - I'm making good first steps!!


bink said...

Good work :):)

If you ever need someone to have a good whinge to - I am full of empathy!!

Doctor said it will be atleast 3 weeks before my new exercise levels have any positive effect and things get easier..

Meanwhile, even though for the past 3 months each day I walk up the hill after getting off the train, the walk has gotten easier/faster - yesterday it had gotten harder :(

Sugar addiction is looking more attractive by the day... !!!

Sasha said...

Poooh poohh! It's meant to get EASIER not HARDER!! Bah!
Did another full on workout last night - so feeling proud again :) Of course the two chocoalte I ate yesterday cancel it out :( But nevermind! I've got the exercise thign going, now I just need to fix the nutrition!

bink said...

Ahh, well I have a theory about that :)

Cancelling out your exercise calories isn't actually going to affect the process of getting fit, is it? It will just stop you losing weight..

So I figure, until you actually *get* fit, you should cancel out the calories to make life easier, and then quit doing that once you're fit :)

Chris is laughing at me :)