Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dream Come True

Skoot and I have just spent an absolutely AWESOMELY fantastic and exciting, thrill-filled day purchasing and playing with some new additions to our family.....
Our Pit Bikes!!!
(mine is the greenskie, skoot's is the red one)

For me this is a bit of a dream come true - I've been infatuated with bikes since I was 8ish and have always wanted my own - and now I do! But better yet my Shweetum has one too! So we can cruise about together through the stunning aussie bush etc.. or try exciting jumps and tracks..
*drifts off into fantasy land*
I've got a lot more to learn til I can call myself an experienced or good rider, but this is a good start!! More tales and photos to come - for now I fancy a nice warm muscle-relaxing shower and a crisp cool G'n'T :)


1 comment:

bink said...

How awesome :):)

Comgrats!! I'm sure you'll have many hours of fun & excitement!

You be careful though - safety gear at all times! *insert other motherly naggings here*