Sunday, January 07, 2007

Let the fun and festivities continue!

I must say I have a very good excuse for posting so irregularly and sparsely lately... holidays are simply SO MUCH FUN!! It feels as though I've been on holidays for a month or so and I'm not nearly close to feeling bored or at a loose end - looking for things to fill my days with. There's so many exciting activities and lovely things to do!

The last few days we've been doing a lot of this...
sash bike 2
As you can see I somewhat resemble a gladiator type in all my motocrossy trail bike get-up! There are elbow pads underneath that big shirt (borrowed from shveeties work stash - thick material nice and resilient to abrasion) too, and steel cap boots on my tooties incase of embedded sticks and things I might run in to! The bikes are an absolute dreeeeeeam, we've been having such a ball on them, and they're much better quality than we initially thought. Skoot and I've both chipped or bent bits on them already though, mainly by having them fall over off their stands in ourt driveway!

So all this getting about in mudflats and dirt tracks results in a sash looking like this... somewhat sandy and seedy!
grubby sash
Yesterday we quickly exchanged our dusty digs dirty paws from above, to the sparkly cleanliness below for a High Tea gathering at Mum's to celebrate my upcoming birthday!
smiley cake smiley sash
Mum had all sorts of delicious snacks and finer foods which we heated up and prepared, then Gran, Grandad, my brother, Skoot Mum and I all sat together in the lounge and scoffed til our bellies were contentedly rotund! Then came dessert.... How awesome are these candles Mum found for me!! Little happy chaps with hats! And a little winky one in the back there :) The chocolate fudge cake Mum baked was DIVINE, particularly with the choc freckles on top - yum yum!
smiley candles cake
My Gran and Grandad were very generous, gifting me with some crisp and inspiring birthday dollars! Already my mind is reeling with the possibilities...
Some motocross boots perhaps? Or Kevlar reinforced riding pants? Maybe some delicious yarn to start knitting one of the delectable patterns for the myriad of Christmas patterns I've been parusing.. Hmmm... definately fun to let the imagination run wild!

Craft wise I'll be kept busy this week preparing for my birthday gig on Saturday - a How To Host a Murder party! Wheee!! I've not done one before, but always thought they sound fun, like Cluedo but in real life! The theme of this one is 'An Affair To Dismember!' A Halloween theme! How perfect! I've always wanted to throw a Halloween party but never had my act together in time, so this is awesome now I get to throw one at my birthday instead!! These are all the materials I raided the local craft store for to send out my spooooky invites - each invite declares which character the invitee has been assigned and a bit of info to the role they will be playing so they can costume up accordingly :) HOW EXCITING!!
How To Host pack
So I have here at my side a large box full of crafty bits and bobs to start creating the gothic haunted mansion that will be our house on Saturday night! I'm thinking spiders, snakes, insects, bats from the ceiling, wax dripping candles, smoke and haze, dry ice, goblets, cobwebs, tombstones and jack-o-lanterns, creepy jars and bottled fluid, gothic writing and skulking crows... What fun!!

I must also show a VERY exciting knitting feat I have accomplished...
WOOOHOOOO!!!! I decided that in 2007 my knitting goal is to learn to knit continental style, and to have a crack at fair isle. Since Mum gave me the Ethnic Socks and Stockings book for Chrissie I was inspired by all the elaborate colour work and had a crack at a simple fair isle design from one of my beginner knitting books... Et Voila!! I CAN DO IT!!! *does crazy happy dance* The only way is up from here, baby!!! Wheeee! =D

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Helen said...

Delightful reading as always and great to hear you are having so much fun and excitment during your holidays on all fronts.
Congrats on cracking the fair isle knitting. It looks great.
Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday and hope the party plans work out as intended and look forward to your birthday post summary.
Lots of hugs and wishes