Friday, January 19, 2007

Oooh an idea has sprung!

SPRUNG IT HAS! Right forth from my little noggin!

This morning I got out of bed with a bit of trouble and didn't really feel like rushing about in my normal pre-work frenzy to get things together, proper clothes on and out the door on time to miss the traffic. So instead I set up my 'pod with 'casts to listen to (I'd lost my pod for the last few weeks so when I found it yesterday i was EXTREMELY relieved! No more hour drives to and from work with no entertainment! Phew!), made myself some toast - which in itself was a thing of wonder, hardly ever is the Sasharus Knitlotsarius species seen eating breakfast at home on a work day, and even took Chill down to the park!! I sat with her there for long enough to do a row of knitting then we strolled home. But it was LOVELY to actually DO stuff before leaving for work. It feels like I'm fitting work into the other things in my life today, not as it normally feels like I'm fitting my life in around work. And I liked the way it felt today :)

So it planted a little seed of thought.. an EXCITING (surprise surprise) seed of thought!

I could get up early and SPIN or KNIT or otherwise CRAFT a good amount each morning!!
*massive grin at the potential*
Of course.. I would need to seriously watch the late night Diablo II game sessions and movie watching with skoot... hmmm.. must find the balance there...

But what an exciting possibility!!


bink said...

My technique was always to get as much done as possible the night before - laying out each bit of clothing, getting the fruit-snackage ready to go, etc - but then lately I have re-prioritised and wanted to have more evening time, so things are slowing creeping back into the morning routine!

Any way you look at it, there just isn't enough time in the day =/ Especially since I developed an addiction to Deal or No Deal..

Sasha said...

Hahaha! Man that show can suck you in! BUt I get so frustrated by the greedy GREEDY people! they say they want $10k, then they get to $12k and KEEP GOING!! Gah!

Anonymous said...

Hi glad to finally meet you in person :)) Are you still playing Diablo II? I remember the days when we were all crazy over that game ... we practically eat and breadth that game.... hahahaha... perhaps i should dig that game out and play it again just for old times sake... Hey... if you would give me your email, I can email you copies of Ms Marrigold etc :)