Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wednesday night we headed up the hill again to have another squiz at the Comet McNaught . We got bogged part way up, and after digging around in the dirt for a little while a father-son duo came up the hill behind us, on their way to the Comet viewing spot also, and towed us out - phew! The comet was awesome. Even better than the night before. I managed to get some shots with my digicam through the telescope. You can seeit like this in the sky pretty much, bright glowing orb with a visible tail streaking through the sunsetty sky. It really puts the world into perspective.

Lately I have been finding myself yearning to craft. A strong and deep craving for creativity is running through my veins, and I don't think I can appease it with short stints of knitting any longer! I must spend HOURS knitting, or painting, or spinning. I want to absorb colour and fibre and texture through the very pores of my skin!! I know it all sounds rather extreme, but I'm absolutely HANGING OUT for some crafterly time - think I must make myself set aside the time to clear out 'la nestie', set up my work bench *drools slightly* and then GET STUCK IN! Wheeee!! =D

One of the creative endeavours that has particularly caught my eye and made me super keen, is the fabulous fabric craftiness I've been ogling at blogs such as Craftapalooza, and Little Miss Meshell's, amongst others. These lovely ladies are creating such incredibly beautiful and customised hand crafted items - and I wanna have a gooo!! *whines* Look as these ever-so-cute pincushions of Meshell's
spotty cube
How divine!
I've been wanting to make my own skirts from a pattern I'll do up from a skirt I have and adore and want many duplicates of in many funky colours and patterns, so I think the time is nigh for me to ask my Gran if I can borrow her sewing machine!

But then we are met with the dilemma... where will I find time for another hobbie?!

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Anonymous said...

oooo....did you make that little cube pin cushion ( i assume that's what it is... :P) how cute!