Sunday, January 14, 2007


It's just past 2am, and I've decided to sit down for just a little bit :)
The Halloween How To Host A Murder Birthday Gig has officially finished!!
The lovely scrumptiousness is asleep in bed, still with his Frankensteiny stitches etching his face with eyeliner! I'll soon follow suit, but have been trying to make as big a dent in the cleaning up as possible, so we have less to face tomorrow - eugh!!
It went so so well - I had an absolute ball :) Lovely people, fun atmosphere (wait 'til I describe the deckies we had up - didn't take many shots, too dark and too much happening!), something different to play - I truly enjoyed myself :)

Right! A little more wiping, scrubbing and and clearing then I'm off for some blissful shut-eye!

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