Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oooogedy Boogedy!!

The Haunted Mansion of Castle Von Morgue has been returned to its more humble household appearance, and Frankenskoot and I have retired in exhaustion to the now restored lounge!

When guests were arriving last night I was still getting my wickedy witchy wardrobe sorted, so I didn't get any shots of people in full garb, and as the night wore on, and the heat did not relent, wigs, capes, horns and mummified bandages were gradually cast aside! However below is a shot of the dining hall of Castle Von Morgue (the house sign is juuust visible at the top) amd the ghoulish quests at the party! So hard to get good shots - without flash was too dark but showed the candles well, but with flash made the room look like the lights were on full bright! Not spooky at all! So I settled for a few shots, and mainly relying on my fabulous memories rather than getting caught up on fiddling with my camera :)

We spent so much time decorating and looked brilliant! I made some little jack-o-lanterns out of jars - very Halloweeny!
The 'How To Host A Murder' game was great and everyone got really involved and in character - heaps of fun! Everyone was super dressed up and looked brilliant, and I received some lovely gifts - even wrapped in spooky (very Sash-like pirate scarves!) wrap!!
I had made a yummy chocolate birthday cake earlier in the day, from my Lovely Mum's Choc-Fudge One Pot CHocolate Cake recipe - yummo!! So in between round I iced it up - appropriately themed of course!
And each couple took a little noodle box of tasty snacks and Halloween treats!

This evening after returning the house to a semblance of normality, and bludging on the couch with Frankenskoot watching Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire, I took the scruffin muffin Chilli dawg out to the nearby park, and while she was sniffing about, chewing on grass and generally nature-tripping, I managed to get a few rows done on some Christmas gifts as yet unfinished. I know... Christmas gifts - how bad is that?! Most of the recipients have received other parts of their gifties, but it seemed that I was frantically knitting up to and on Chrissie Day, then as soon as it hit Boxing Day I subconsciously said - "I don't have to knit frantically anymore!" But now the holidays are over and most distracting things are more easily set aside, I am super keen to crack down and get these few knitted gifties finished :) As there are a few people I'm knitting for, I feel it's safe to post pics as I go - they won't know which is what and for who!
Knitted in Anchor cotton - such gorgeous colours!

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bink said...

I think I speak for everyone in saying it was a great night :)

Thanks for putting in so much effort!