Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today I am wearing to work my Supergirl undies
And my drum-set shirt
I'm not enjoying work at the moment and need all the help I can muster from fancy jocks and hardcore-type shirts to get me through. Had a huge sob-session and wrenchingly yucky time last night, but am through now and have made my decision. The people I work with are divine and I adore them, but it's well past the time for me to move on.

p.s. I have a pain in my chest which is hurting like indigestion, but can't be as I haven't had any brekkie yet..


2paw said...

Ahhh pokey pains, they are bad, but unexplained pokey pains?? They are worse!!! It's probably sob-session after effects!!! Work is such a big part of your life and you need to be at least moderately happy. Change is hard, but once you've done it you wonder why it was so scary!!! Thank you for sharing your underwear!!!!! Hope you fly through the day!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are just too cute!!! I love Super Girl! Where do I get them!?

Michelle said...

oh, knitknut,
I'm desperate for a pattern from yarnplay. you go to clementine's snb right? I go to the Monday night session. could I possibly get a copy of Poppy? I have knit 2 together myself it is very good.