Thursday, January 25, 2007

Excitement via post!

I tell you what, the SuperGirl jocks must have worked wonders! Because not only did the day at work go well yesterday, but I returned home to a great big hug from my shveetie, who then whispered in my ear "there's a package for you on the table over there" to which I squealled and jumped about with excitement but he kept hugging me so tight so I bounced around until we were both giggling and he let me go so I twirled and danced about in excitement squealling "Where?! Where!!? Ooh how EXCITING!! I bet my Spunky fibre's finally arrived!!!" You see, I'm in the Spunky Eclectic fibre club and have been expecting the Dec and Jan fibres in the mail... but the fibre it was not *yoda voice*
Behold the package!!


A quick glance at the return address on the top told me all I needed to know - Heidi Kenney of MY PAPER CRANE!!!!
EEEEEEE!!!!!! *squeals of excitement*
I had not blogged yet about this particular package whinging it's way across the oceans to me from the U.S, because I only placed the order on the 7th Jan - so it got here amazingly quickly!

So I ripped open the package with much glee and released my three new little friends!!
Mr Happy Toast, Happy Cloud, and Sad Storm Cloud!


I had also ordered Heidi's 'zine on spinning :)

I am SO thrilled to bits with them! They sat on the couch last night, after their introduction to skoot and the household, and everytime I glanced over at them, or saw them in passing I couldn't hold back my massive grin!! THEY'RE GORGEOUS!! I adore how Heidi's work brings wonder and delight to everyday objects, and injects life with joy and fun!

I had been wanting to invest in some of Heidi's work for myself for a while now, but could never justify spending the money on such luxury items, until the birthday money from my Grandparents came my way!! So I decided this was the time to buy soemthing super special and lovely that I would be unlikely to buy otherwise - so I picked My Paper Crane!

With the money left over, I decided a knitting book was in order. I checked out Amazon for their prices and availability for the two I had in mind, and compared to Borders in town (where my Satdee knitting group is) amazon was hands down FAR cheaper! So I decided I'd get both books!! hehe!!

So there's another package winging its way towards me! This one containing Yarnplay by Lisa Shobhana Mason


and Knit 2 Together by Tracey Ullman & Mel Clark


I saw these two books at the library SnB before Christmas and LOVED THEM, and have been covetting them ever since! So I'm over the moon to have my own copies on their way to my bookshelf!

Another exciting little goodie arrived in the post too - the invitation to my aforementioned lovely mates Liz and Paul's wedding! Hooraaaayy!! :)


Stunning invites they've made up - beautiful ribbon and each has a smokey glass bead at the top! Plus a little matching RSVP slip and mini envelope - how darling!

Right! Now I'm off home to pack ready for our long weekend away down south-ish for Australia Day! Whee! But of course, must stop off via the SLYS (somewhat local yarn store - as it's actually a bit of a hike for me!) to get some supplies for knitting this beanie for skoota!

spiral rib

Having some troubles finding another ball of matching red pure wool in the right ply to finish off his scarf *grumble grumble* so thought I'd start on his beanie in the meantime and LOVE this spiral pattern from FrogMonkey for him!


Anonymous said...

Mr Happy Toast, Happy Cloud, and Sad Storm Cloud are all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!! where are they from? can we order them too???

2paw said...

Oh how exciting. I love getting parcels too. Isn't the internet great? You can order things from afar, things we could never dream of in the olden days!!!! Happy Twirling about!!!

Helen said...

Delightfully cute. Nothing like a parcel arriving to brighten one's day up. Great choice of books too.

Michelle said...

wow!!! so many assorted goodies!!! we all like receiving parcels dont we!! Hehehehe