Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All wound up

My my... I'm in a bit of a dreamy mind-wandering blissful state just at the minute... Not at all conducive to beginning my work day!! Never-the-less here I sit at my work desk, waiting for that phone to start ringing. But infront of me, a little below my monitor sit two plump, round, waffley balls freshly wund out of a lovely Welsh Green Dragon's plumes. *sighs contentedly*
I took many many photos, which I'll post once I'm home and upload the shots to flickr. *another contented sigh* I've printed off the Clapotis pattern too, so I'm actualyl completely ready and raring to go!! Will be good knitter and do a gauge swatch first to see if I should use the 4mm or 5mm.. I shall enjoy the swatching though *gazes dreamily at yarn sitting there* oh yes.. *drifts off into yarny day-dreams*

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