Thursday, February 15, 2007

Short post - hurt back!

Well.. back or shoulder.. not sure at this stage! But it's not fun! And what are the chances - the DAY before we go away for the weekend!! Gah! Hehe, nevermind, it's not toooo bad, I can still type! And I'm hoping I can still knit because.....

The Peacocks pattern arrived yesterday which is perfect timing... although of course I won't be knitting the peacocks with the seasilk anymore! Hehe, again, nevermind!! It's super luch and soft to caress and love, colours are divine, although I have to say the white "pilling" that clings to the silk is more noticeable than I'd anticipated (I heard it mentioned on the Knitters Review). But it is super deluxe and I can't WAIT to get cracking knitting it up!!
More postings later, have starting swatching the dragonny greennie goodness and it's v. lovely! But for now I'm ot the couch and a G'n'T to nurse my shoulder blade tendons!!
p.s. gorgeous sunrise driving to work :)


bink said...

Gosh, that seasilk is booodiful!!!

Hope the injury clears up soon - sounds like it deserves a lovely slow massage, as well as a glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage :)

Helen said...

Your seasilk is sooo delicious and hope your shoulder improves and doesn't stop you from knitting.

pinky-yin said...

drooooooool....!!!! i have to get my hands on some soon..... :)

Michelle said...

wow!! that yarn is so beautiful!! they must have cost a fortune!!