Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A bit of a disappointment, anxiously

Well, despite the many hours I spent scrubbing tiles, de-cobwebbing, mopping and generally cleaning and the many hours skoota spent vaccuuming, re-organising the workshop, washing and generally cleaning... we did not receive a satisfactory inspection report yesterday awaiting us on the kitchen bench as we would normally. Instead we found the report to state all was fine apart from weeding in the back yard, and bathroom "needs attention" (oh so helpful and specific), but that we would have a re-inspection in 14 days. whaaaaat?? From a previous post you already have the general gist of how non-polished and Taj-Mahal-y the joint is.. so I'm sure it surprise all round as to why the real estate are all of a sudden becoming so vigilant and an@l about the inspections.

And then there was the other letter..

The one that said we were in breach of contract and were being ousted in 7 days.

*blink* *blink*

What just happened?!

So skoota's going to go in and talk with them to see what on earth is going on. We've been wanting to move to another place for a while and I guess this can be seen as a helpful little motivation in that direction!! But we certainly don't have a cache of money lying about to use for Bond on a new place, and I worry what sort of black mark this might put against us for future rentals. In breach of contract?!?! *confusion and indignation*

So I am distracting and comforting myself with (copious amounts of chocolate) pictures of the lovely fluffy muffins in my life :)

Here we see Tess, the gorgeous doggalog companion of the equally gorgeous bink :)
Tessie in ute
We took her out to the dog beach last time she was over, and on the way home she had her first ever ute ride! She looks a little concerned as we were snapping shots of her when she was eager to get back down to the ground with her Mama!
Tessie in ute 2
And of course my heart's delight.. my lovely fluffy bum husky girl Chilli *soppy smile* This was from when she was staying with us and was all wet from an outing and had flaked out on the floor in exhaustion :)
wet snoozing chill
Okay, I'm off to the couch for some knitting, then out to the craft store for some yarn to knit little baby beanies for a friend of mine at work who's expecting shortly :) I will restrain myself from buying materials to fashion a real estate voodoo doll from..

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bink said...

Gosh, how weird! And they didn't even say HOW you were supposedly in breach of the contact??

Hopefully all just a misunderstanding.. but you know my couch is always available should you need it :)