Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Photo snaps!

Not much time to write, so a few snapshots of the weekend :)

The resort we stayed in has a lake-style pond running through it, with masses of ducks and maine geese who trot about, laze on the banks and generally look gorgeous all day! Just look at his stunning turqouise feathers!

Duckie feb

Seeing them makes me yearn so badly for our own land where we can have the stability and space to have our own little menagerie of ducks, geese, chooks, a mob of dogs, ferrets etc... *sigh* ... But in the meantime I can enjoy the duckies where-ever else I see them :)

We took a drive out to one of the beachfronts Dad has frequented since his youth, surfing trips and weekend away. The weather was blustery, cool and at times wet over the weekend, which meant some scary big waves at some of the surf spots!

surf bay feb

In the mornings Dad managed to get a ripper surf in while we were all still snoozing!

The delicious knitting continues - and with such satsfaction! Using Colinette Point 5 (completely drool worthy!) on 10mm needles is knitting up so quickly! Talk about instant gratification!! I absolutely adore the colourway I'm using too, the Popsicle colours of fairy-floss and make-blieve rainbows is so enchanting I drift off while I gaze at it as I'm knitting!!

my so called start

I've had the two skeins of Colinette in my little woven stash keep practically since I first started knitting so it's such bliss to be able to play it it finally :)


Michelle said...

that looks like "my so called scarf" pattern!! love the colourful yarn!!

Helen said...

What a perfect match of yarn and pattern. You've just reminded me how yummy this colour is.