Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chest constriction

Ohmigosh.. *tries to slow hysterical breathing pace*... I might be in big trouble!!

*slows heartbeat to explain*

I love LOVE when people comment - it's awesome :) - and especially when they save me from imminent doooooom!!!

Donna commented :

Hi Sasha! Both Sea Silk and Zephyr are gorgeous yarns, but they are very different. Sea Silk isn't a lace weight. It's equivalent to an Aussie 4ply, and it knits at 28sts/4". You get 400m in 100g. Zephyr is equal to an Aussie 2ply, and you get about 1100m in 100g. It is much, much finer than Sea Silk. I have both here right now, and I'd guess that the Sea Silk is around twice as thick as the Zephyr. Peacock Feathers would look gorgeous in the colourway you've chosen, but do a gauge swatch, or you might end up with a *gigantic* shawl!!

You see now the reason for my terror!! Lace was a little intimidating, but it's all knit and purl, right? So I was confident I could give it a fair shot... But dealing with a different gauge as well?!?! EEEEEPP!! How could I have missed that they're different weights?! I suppose I was breaking the cardinal rule of using the same fibre anyway, by changing from wool to silk.. and I didn't really have an option as I was determined to use the seasilk.. *big sigh* Ah well.. I guess I'll just get stuck into the project with more gusto and determination now!!

I would super mega mondo appreciate any hot tips on dealing with changing gauge..? :) ...anyone?? *pleads*

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