Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In lighter news, on my drive to work today there was the most gorgeous sunrise, through amazing clouds - truly stunning. Getting up early and driving to work with a sunrise is a MUCH better alternative to leaving home at a reasonable hour but fighting completely UNreasonable peak hour traffic to work.
odious traffic
Blergh. That's one of the things I'm finding most unbearable about my current work, is that it's about a 45min-1hour drive EACH way to get there from home. So add to that atrocity that I'm not really stimulated by the work anymore, it's not a caeer path for me, it's the same every single day again and again, and the pay isn't enough to get skoota and I to where we want to be - and it's clear why we're on the job hunt together for work away on the mines or such. Something different! Something new! Learn more skills, further myself! Save up to buy land! Yeehar!

I have been on a mega cooking stint lately, trying to take better care of myself; step one of which is getting a good amount of exercise and putting the right nutrients and foods into me! I made up some super tasty cheesey scones which have just seen me through a famished morning tea moment at work - I shall delve into the Lolly Tin no more!!
cheesey scones

On the knitting front I'm tonking along at a good speed with the penultimate belated giftie, as seen below. I finished one for a friend the other day but can't show too much detail as there are still two to be given and I don't want to spoil the surprise any more than I can avoid!!


Hehehe and Bink forwarded me the link to a page, which held the following fabulous little snippet!!

An Aussie oil spill in '00 resulted in a global call for penguin-sized wool sweaters (which keep 'em from preening themselves so they don't swallow oil).

How cute is that! I mean.. ecologically terrible, but awfully cute once they're cleaned up and in their little woolly warmth!


bink said...

Awww... your cheese scones have just made my delicious carrot seem not nearly so delicious anymore!!!

mmmmmmmm... cheese scones....

pinky-yin said...

looks yummy those scones...cheeeeesy....
i face the same traffic woes every day too ...i try to leave for work earlier so i can beat traffic...then when i reach work, have a cup of coffee, surf some blogs or knit in peace and quiet...